Ortho-Bionomy A Path to Self Care

Now available in Spanish, Taiwanese, and Chinese editions.  See publisher info below.


Self Care

Life long strategies to resolve pain and discomfort.

Appropriate for anyone wanting to explore ways to return to comfort, and also for health care practitioners looking for specific exercises to share with clients.

Learn to:

* Relieve pain and tension with positional release

* Create new patterns of pain-free movement

* Increase flexibility and range of motion with isometric and isotonic exercises

* Strengthen muscle tone through isotonic exercises

* Improve posture for relief of strain and stress

*Discover ways your body uses positions and movement to reclaim comfort and well-being


The Author:


    Luann Overmyer


Thirty-five years in private practice and thirty years teaching Ortho-        Bionomy Self-Care seminars have convinced me that people are motivated and capable to work with themselves to relieve pain if they have the information and tools to do so.

In Self Care Seminars I observe the empowering results, and the effectiveness of educating individuals to attune to comfort and to apply the principles and techniques of Ortho-Bionomy for pain relief.

Ortho-Bionomy A Path to Self Care presents gentle body positions, postures, and movements that release pain and promote comfort and  can be done by yourself without the use of special equipment.  Illustrated with detailed photos and  drawings, the book follows the structure of the body, guiding the reader through positions and exercises, anatomical explanations, and concepts about healing.

This comprehensive book includes clear step-by-step instructions for therapeutic self-care exercises that anyone can do to relieve their own pain in minutes. 

Written in accessible language, it incorporates simple anatomical descriptions, personal stories and anecdotes to capture interest, clarify concepts and support understanding. 

The therapeutic exercises are designed to be user friendly, easy to apply, yet profound in their ability to release pain and tension without much effort.

This book specifically addresses:  

             Low back pain

            Neck and shoulder tension

            Tension in the head, eyes, ears, and jaw


            Tailbone and sacrum pain

            Tight calves and hamstrings

            Knee pain

            Ankle and foot conditions

            Posture and scoliosis

            Ways to restore the natural spinal curves

            Carpal tunnel syndrome

            Cumulative stress disorders

            Discomfort in the arms, elbows, wrists and hands


Ortho-Bionomy A Path to Self Care is available in other languages.  Please contact the publishers listed below for the Spanish, Chinese, and Taiwanese editions.


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